Monday, February 18, 2008

Great White Shark!!!

Yes, it is a great white shark, following the man on a kayak.. This picture is from the Africa Geographic, September, 2005 issue... As a scuba diver in the Philippines, one of the first questions they asked me if I have encountered a shark during my dive?..which is also my first question during my PADI certification training to my instructor..His answer was,.. " I have already lost count of my dive logs and the only times I have encountered sharks were during dives where we specifically go to sites where sharks are known to congregate, and great white shark I have not encountered even once."

The great white shark is the most feared and largest of predatory fish in the ocean, it is also called white death and can reach in length up to 20 feet and weigh up to 2 tons..that's big fish indeed..But what is more fearsome is the shark's rows of teeth behind the main ones, it is serrated like sharp saw..This image of a teeth was permanently imprinted in the movie Jaws..

Great white sharks live in almost all coastal and offshore waters which have a water temperature of between 12 and 24 deg centigrade with densest population found in Dyer Island, South Africa and also found in tropical waters the Caribbeans..It is pelagic,open ocean dweller , been observed in depths of 4,000 feet but usually found close to sea surface.

Now, what is the probability, if you dive in the Philippine seas, being attacked by a great white shark? " Many shark conservationists will answer that the chance of being attacked by a shark is exceedingly unlikely, far smaller than winning the lottery." According to Shark Trust, shark population are on a serious decline, down 2 percent of their original level because of over fishing. But writer James Delingpole of the Daily Mail counters, " just because something probably won't happen doesn't mean it won't happen. And it is that possibility, however slim. which will, for many of us, continue to be the stuff of nightmares."



Blessy T. said...

good to know. i read that the waters of Corregidor used to be shark infested. just dunno which shark species... :)

Oh, and please post on your blog should you encounter a great white. :)

Blessy T. said...

oh and btw, great whites are not my nightmare. i'd love to see one or more in person... like the airjaws in africa :)